Who is a Baptist

East Plumstead Baptist Church is an independent Church (that is to say, self governing) but by choice is affiliated to the Baptist Union of Great Britain and a member of its Regional body, the London Baptist Association. Baptist people hold strong conviction about the centrality of The Lord Jesus to daily living, understanding that through Him they can draw near to God The Father and draw from the strength of His Holy Spirit. We hold firmly to The Bible as a major source of Christian teaching.

The very first Baptist Church was founded in 1609 in Amsterdam, among people who had suffered persecution and oppression from their state church. They stressed their conviction that they were not under the power of any external body and were free to govern their own affairs under The Lordship of Jesus, guided by The Holy Spirit. This form of church government is often stated as “the priesthood of all believers”

East Plumstead Baptist Church has its own Pastor and a team of Deacons. In keeping with Baptist principles, the major decisions for the church are taken at its bi-monthly Church meeting, to which all of its members are invited; instead, are expected to attend.

So why the definition of “Baptist”? We strongly believe that we should only baptize those who are able to choose and confess Christ freely for themselves.

As a Baptist Church, East Plumstead Baptist Church in line with Baptist doctrines, do not baptize infants. However, on request, we hold a service of dedication, where parents are able to dedicate their child to the Lord and dedicate themselves to the role of parenthood.

As a local church, we are in fellowship with the association of churches, Churches together in Woolwich and Plumstead .

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